Zonestar Optional Auto Leveling 3d printer DIY kit

Zonestar Optional Auto Leveling 3d printer DIY kit

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Item Characteristics:

Full Metal structure: All of the structural parts are made by metal, not only stronger and durable,  but also keep the better accuracy after long period of used. 

Quiet: High quality wheels and aluminum rails make less noisy. 

High Precision:  The Z axis drive mechanism is made by metal, it is stronger and cause the higher printing precision.  

Safe: Addition AC power switch and installed plate, and metal hotend shell, let this product is safer.

Open Source: We adhere to open source strategy, you can apply for the source code after purchased. 

More Selectable function: Many other features you can choose, now the below features are available. 

  • Bed auto leveling sensor: This feature will help cope better with out-of-flatness issue of the heat bed. 

  • Filament run out detector: Automatic pause printing when the filament run out and continue to print after you load the new filament roll.  

  • Dual Color Extruder: It comes with 2 extruders and a pre-assembled dual color hotend.

  • Laser kit(click to purchase): which can be use to mark on the wood, plastic and other objects. Now 500mW, 1600mW and 2500mW are available.

More features will be introduced in the future, for example, food (flour) extruder, triple color extruder are included in our plan and will be released soon. It's not only a plastic 3D printer, but also the implementer of your idea.






Layer thickness


Maximum Printing Speed

150 mm/s

Maximum Build size(L*W*H mm)

220 X 220 X 220


20 chars x 4 rows


EM4(EM5) Bowden extruder

Hot End

HE4( D805S/D805SU) ,HED3 (D805SR2),HEM2(D805SM2)

Heat Bed

MK3 All-in-one 12V/140W

Suppoted Material type

PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA and PLA Flexible Filaments, 1.75mm in diameter

Positioning accuracy

Z: 0.25Microns, XY: 0.012mm

Printing Color

One color(D805S/D805SU/D805SR2) Two color(D805SR2/D805SM2)Mixed color(D805SM2)

Nozzle size

Default is 0.4mm (customized 0.3mm/0.2mm)

Extruder temperature


Heat bed temperature


Best ambient temperature


Power requirements

100~220V, 250W


SD card or USB

Support file format

STL,G-Code, Obj, etc.


Windows, Linux, Mac.

CE, FCC specifications


Device weight



Equipment size(L*W*H mm)

460 X 420 X 420

Package size(L*W*H mm)




Brand Name: ZONESTAR
Color Print Speed: 150mm/s
Model Number: D805S
Extruder Number: 1 or 2 Selectable
Nozzle size: 0.4mm default
Support file format: STL G-Code Obj etc
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Compatibility: Windows Linux Mac
Auto leveling: Optional
Filament Run out detection: Optional
Heat Bed: 12V 140W 115 degree Max.
Max Build Volume: 220mmx220mmx220mm
Print Speed: 20mm/s ~ 150mm/s