Koowheel Electric Scooter with APP for Kids and Adults Foldable

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Koowheel Electric Scooter with APP for Kids Adults Foldable Electric Hoverboard Skateboard with Lightweight E1
E1 Electric ScooterE1 Electric Scooter_02E1 Electric Scooter_03E1 Electric Scooter_04E1 Electric Scooter_05

CE Certification: Yes
Frame Material: Aluminum/Alloy
Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Voltage of Battery: 24v
Type: Two Wheels
Max Speed: <30km/h
Range per Power: 10 - 30 km
Brand Name: Koowheel
Wattage: 251 - 350w
Model: E1 Electric Scooters
People: Adults and Kids
Wheel size : 8 inch
Display: Integrated LCD
Climbing Angle: 10 Degrees
Recommeded AGE: 13+
Max Range: 8 Miles
Charging Time: UP TO 3 HOURS
Weight Limit: 180LBS