Geeetech Open Source High Precision 3D Printer E180

Geeetech Open Source High Precision 3D Printer E180

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Dear buyers:

This printer is open source based on SMARTTO firmware devloped by geeetech  !


You need to buy  a 3d wifi Module separately if you need the remote control function!!!

Click the picture to get the 3d wifi Module   3



Our Wifi function is only compatible with 2.4G mode .



1. Break-resuming capability enables the machine to stop and save the printing status in real time.
2. The 3.2″ full-color touch screen unfolds an intuitive and sensitive panel by which you could modify the relevant printing parameters.
3. 5 points leveling ---- enable level the build platform on the touch screen or via App, helps you to calibrate the build platform accurately and effectively, guaranteeing good adhesion between the first layer of the printout and the platform.
4. Cloud-based EasyPrint 3D App, which is multi-featured with remote control over your 3D printer, a cloud gallery of free 3D models and a 3D printing community, support remote control, On-line firmware upgrade
5. With modular extruder and safe nozzle, E180 applies quality ceramic craftsmanship to its design, greatly reducing thermal losses and keeping the temperature of the hotend at 100℃ or so.
6. High printing speed, the remote design of E180 extruder renders the printing head more agile, without compromising the printing quality.
7. Built Small, Think Big. The build volume of 130x130x130mm is enough to miniaturize your unlimited imagination and creativity.
8. Enhanced printing accuracy. The printouts come with smooth surface finish, sleek contour and strong structure.
9. Suitable for DIYers, manufacturers, tinkers, designers, teachers, and students as well as 3D print enthusiasts.
10.  E180 has been certificated by CE, FCC, and REACH and PSE for safety.

Here is the Manual for your reference.
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Printing parameters
Print technology FDM
Build volume 130*130*130mm 
Printing precision 0.05mm
Positioning precision X/Y: 0.11mm  Z: 0.0025mm
Print Speed 80-110mm/s recommended
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Filament supported PLA
Operating system Windows
Control software EasyPrint 3D
File format .stl, G-code
Max extruder temp 230°C 
Power supply DC 12V/6A
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB, TF card
Display screen 3.2 inches Full color touch screen
Chassis Metal plate + injection molding  
Build Platform  Aluminum alloy plate
XYZ Rods Wear-resistant, stainless steel and lead screw (Z axis)
Stepper Motors 1.8°step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
Physical Size & Weight
Machine dimension 284*156*320mm 
Shipping box dimension 374*267*386mm
Machine net weight 4.5kg
Machine gross weight 6.5kg 

Package included:

1 x Geeetech® E180 Mini 3D Printer





Color Print Speed: 80-110mm/s recommended
Model Number: Geeetech E180
Brand Name: GEEETECH
Printing precision: 0.05mm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Filament supported: PLA
Control software: EasyPrint 3D
Power supply: DC 12V/6A
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, TF card
Display screen: 3.2 inches Full color touch screen
Chassis: Metal plate + injection molding
Build Platform: Aluminum alloy plate